CNA/Home Health Aid Care

CNA/Home Health Aid Care

Our Home Health Aides are experienced, state-certified, and come highly recommended to provide both medical and non-medical care under the supervision of a registered nurse and physician. If you or your loved one require assistance but do not require the expertise of a Registered Nurse, then a Home Health Aide may be the best, most economically feasible option for you. All our Home Health Aides have extensive experience in the hospital and the rehabilitation setting. Our HHAs are able to execute a treatment plan developed by a registered nurse and will assist with activities of daily living, including but not limited to, meal preparation, cleaning, bathing, and exercising. Our HHAs are also able to obtain vital signs and collect samples for lab testing.

HHAs work to help foster independence in the home and ensure personal safety for you or your loved one.

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We at PHCS are pleased to offer these services and hope you will consider us for your home care needs. Please contact us today at or by phone at 617-546-7427 and let us know how we can help you.

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